Air Conditioner Service Land O’ Lakes, FL

Central Air Conditioning Services

Florida’s temperatures can be too hot to handle. That’s why having an air conditioner that has the power to beat the sizzling heat and keep your entire home cool isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. Luckily, Leonard’s Air Heating and Cooling’s team has the cooling system and the central air conditioning services you need to nurture everlasting chilled relief in your home.

Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation

When your air conditioner needs replacement and turn to the team at Leonard's Air: the professionals that will keep you cool.

Air Conditioning Repair

From a minor hiccup to a major glitch, it’s important that you nip your AC unit’s need for a repair in the bud right away. Thankfully, Leonard's air conditioning repair services are designed to do just that. With fast response & repair times - and consistently dependable solutions, our professionals will bring your home comfort back to life and cultivate perpetual peace of mind.

Ductless Mini Split System

​When Florida temperatures heat up, so does your home. Thankfully, Leonard’s Air Heating and Cooling can help shade you from these escalated temperatures with our powerful ductless mini-split air conditioners.

Not only do these units help you have a cooler home environment, but their ductless nature gives you more control over your home comfort, too. That’s because these mini-split systems are designed to provide chilled relief exactly where you need it and only where you need it. So branch out from your traditional air conditioner with our powerful and cost-efficient mini-split AC systems.

Go Ductless

Whether you’re looking to cool that added space in your home or trying to gain greater control of your overall comfort, consider our ductless mini-split system. This unit’s small structure makes for easy installation, simple operation, and best of all, plants the seed for some serious savings. You see, rather than cooling your entire home, this system only chills the rooms you use for more controlled comfort and less wasted energy.

Even more, ductless systems directly weed out the harmful airborne particles, dust, and allergens that cling to the air ducts of a traditional HVAC system and gnaw away at the health of your home. This is guaranteed to cultivate a cleaner home environment and bloom into perpetual breaths of clean indoor air.

Choosing to go ductless reduces your high energy bills and eliminates harmful pollutants in your home, all while nurturing a cool and comfortable environment. Now that’s a win-win. However, dependable system installation is crucial if you want to attain all of these benefits and more. So to do this, turn to Pasco’s trusted HVAC technicians.

You see, trusting Leonard’s Air professionals to install your ductless AC unit guarantees that your unit will be properly sized for the space you want to cool and that the installation will be done flawlessly. This means your system will deliver powerful chilled relief without having to overwork or short cycle. Ultimately, it will protect your budget from costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your system.

Heating System Repair & Replacement

It’s no secret, in Florida, warmer weather is in season for the majority of the year. However, as a resident of the Sunshine State, you are well aware that it gets cool, too. So experiencing home comfort first takes a reliable heating system in your home.

At Leonard’s Air Heating and Cooling, our company is dedicated to keeping you comfortable. We work tirelessly to tend to your home comfort needs. Whether you are looking for a heating system replacement, unit repair, or a system tune-up, our team is equipped with the expertise to help you harvest a warmer indoor environment and make your home cozy.

Cozy Home

A warm and cozy home comes from a reliable heating system. Whether you’re looking for a heating solution in your home or to replace an aged heater, look no further, Leonard’s Air team is here to help.

Our technicians have been working in the HVAC industry for years and we’ve learned the importance of operating a dependable heating system in your home firsthand. As a system ages it loses its efficiency. In fact, a heating system that is 10 or more years old leads to higher energy bills, a frequent need for unit repairs, and inconsistent warmth throughout your home. Choosing to continue operating this withering heating system will burn a hole in your budget and turn your home comfort to ashes.

Thankfully, our team’s hands-on experience will be used to find the right heating system for your home that will meet your home comfort expectations. To do this, our certified technicians will thoroughly examine the layout of your living space and your comfort needs. Based on our findings, we will find the right size system with sufficient heating power to deliver everlasting coziness to your home.​