Knowing how to save money on your energy bill is always a good thing. If you are looking for small things you can do that will add up to a big difference, consider these tips for helping lower your electric bill each month.

These tips will help lower your energy bill

  1. Block the sun- As Floridians, we love our sunshine and our daily dose of vitamin D, but letting too much sunlight creep into your home will cause your AC unit to work harder to keep the house cool. Consider keeping blinds, curtains or drapes closed to help control this.
  2. Clean air filters regularly – Depending on the filter you are using, this should be completed every 1-3 months. When the filter is dirty, it will need to work extra hard to do its job, resulting in higher energy used.
  3. Check your insulation- In some areas of Tampa Bay, the homes can be a little older. Older homes typically have insufficient insulation. As a result, cool air will seep out and warm air will get in. To make sure your insulation is up to par, ask your utility provider or a contractor to perform a home energy audit.
  4. Use ceiling fans– Believe it or not, ceiling fans help circulate cool air in the home. This causes your AC unit getting a small break, not having to work quite as hard to circulate air into the different rooms in your house.
  5. Perform regular maintenance– Having your system properly maintained will keep the system more efficient. It will also allow better air flow and help the system last longer.
  6. Purchase a new system every 10 years– It’s recommended that homeowners replace their AC units every 10 years. However, this depends on the unit you have and how often you use it. Because Floridians use their systems more than average, this time may be decreased.

What are some tips you have to help save money on your energy bill? Let us know by commenting below!

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