In Florida, “winter” is most certainly a relative term. Although the change may not necessarily be as drastic as other parts of the country, there is, in fact, a change in the season. The temperatures will become less intense, and with the more mellow weather, you won’t have to use your AC unit as much as you probably did during the summertime. However, easing your living space into autumn and winter isn’t as easy as shutting your AC off. Here’s how to prepare your AC for the summer.

Use Mother Nature to Help Prepare Your AC for Summer

First, lower the rate at which you use your AC unit. Couple that with using fans and opening windows to let in cooler, fresh air. This will help keep air circulating throughout your living space. You then can utilize your blinds and curtains. Keeping the light out can mean cooler temperatures inside, and it can also mean keeping cooler temperatures in your space at night.

Speaking of nighttime, remember to shut your AC off at night. Not only will it conserve energy and money, but it will also take advantage of the cooler night temperatures. It’s much easier to sleep when the air is a little cool as opposed to a little warm, so your bedroom should be at an optimal state for a restful night. And when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a living space full of cool fresh air to start your day.

Get Maintenance to Prepare Your AC For Summer

Finally, you should also look into maintenance for your AC unit. Just because you haven’t necessarily been having problems with your air unit, doesn’t mean you should skip out on having it inspected at least once a year, ideally two times a year. The transition period into the cooler months is a perfect time to prepare your AC for summer.

Your AC unit may be worn out from operating at a high level during the summer months, and your furnace should be checked up on and cleaned before you start using it for the even cooler months. When turning the heat on for the first time in a long time, it is normal for it to smell strange. Having your AC unit serviced between seasons can help alleviate any funky smells or other issues turning the air on might bring.

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