Are clean air conditioner vents on the top of your list of things to do today? Probably not, but it needs to be done periodically. It keeps vents looking great, reduces allergens and increases the efficiency of your A/C unit.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Vents Should be Done Periodically

Turn off the system.   Use the screwdriver to unscrew the air duct covers or grills from the walls. Use your cleaning brush to thoroughly clean air conditioner vents. If it has been a while and they are extra dusty and dirty, use soap and warm water to make get them clean. Or, you can wipe with a dry microfiber cloth or a slightly damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Some of the dirt may be oily, depending on what you have in your house. Burning lots of candles or vents near a kitchen could be suspect. Cut through oily residue with rubbing alcohol. However, remember to rub lightly so you don’t damage the paint.

Vacuum inside the ducts as much as possible. A shop vac or a heavy duty vacuum is best for this purpose. A standard household vacuum isn’t powerful enough to clean the crevices of the ducts. If you rent, be sure that the vacuum has a long hose to reach deep into the ducts. This step is important because there may be mold and mildew growing inside the air ducts. Hire a professional for the job if ducts need a more thorough cleaning..

Don’t Neglect Ceiling Vents

Clean the grills in your ceiling. If you can’t reach them with the vacuum or screwdriver, use a broom to clean the dust. Remember that if you haven’t cleaned your air conditioner vents for a long time, wear a dust mask to protect yourself from the dust and debris that will fall. In addition, you might also put on a hat to keep dust and debris to protect your head. 

After cleaning, make sure the covers are completely dry before re-installing them, otherwise dust particles will cling to the vent slats.

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