Summer in Florida is over and it’s time to give your AC a break. Or, maybe to replace it. When is the best time to replace your AC? Experts say to buy an air conditioner in the offseason when demand is at its lowest. 

Best Time of Year to Replace Your AC

If you’re shopping for a new air conditioning system, you’ll often get a better deal if you make your purchase in the fall or winter months. HVAC installers tend to be busiest in the summer months when the outdoor temperatures are at their most extreme. Avoid these busy times, and you’ll have more bargaining power. And, if you ask for a better price or a freebie (like a programmable thermostat), you just might get it. When it comes to negotiating the installation cost, it helps to let contractors know that you’re getting multiple bids. This will encourage them to give you their most competitive price right out of the gate.

When Do AC’s Break Down?

If you wait for the AC to break down before replacing it, chances are it will fail in the summer. This is because your HVAC system has to work hardest during the hottest and months. While an older system might make it through the fall and winter, the August heat might cause it to fail. Waiting for your system to fail before you replace it almost guarantees that you’ll end up stuck without cooling at the worst possible time.

Don’t Get Stuck Waiting

Because summer is when AC’s work hardest, the best, most reputable HVAC contractors tend to be extremely busy during those months, repairing and replacing all those systems that have broken down under the strain. That means if your HVAC system breaks down, you may have a long wait in line before your trusted HVAC company can get to you. It’s not that anybody wants to leave you waiting! It’s just that there are so many customers in need of help during the hottest and coldest times of year. 

Evaluate Your Options

If your AC breaks down in the middle of August, you’ll probably be tempted to hire the first contractor who says they can fit you in. You’ll probably also be willing to accept whatever quote they give you so you can get your home cooled again. That’s how you end up paying too much up front, or getting your system installed incorrectly. Also, you might end up with a system that doesn’t meet the needs of your home.

So you see, proactively replacing your HVAC system in the fall or winter gives you time to make the best decisions for your home and your wallet. Without the added pressure of needing a quick replacement, you have time to carefully research HVAC contractors and get multiple quotes. 

If you think you need to replace the AC and have questions, let us know. We are happy to help answer any questions you have.

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