Do you think you need a new AC? Or does the air conditioner need repairing and you’re wondering if it’s worth it. Or maybe you’re just cautious and are doing a little planning ahead.

Whatever your particular situation, we’ve determined the top 4 ways to know if your AC needs to be replaced with a new one.

1. Your AC is past it’s prime of 10-15 years

According to the National Association of Home Builders, an air conditioning unit typically lasts on average of 10-15 years, depending on climate and proper maintenance. The lifespan of the AC varies depending on how much professional maintenance it’s had through the years. Less maintenance means a shorter lifespan.

2. Requires a major repair/part replacement – and the warranty has expired

Some replacement parts and repairs just aren’t worth paying for when the cost gets too high, especially when the air conditioner is old and the warranty has expired. 

For example, if you need to replace the compressor in the outside unit when your air conditioner is 15+ years old, you might be better off purchasing a new AC system.

3. Does not keep you comfortable anymore

Are you never cool at home in the summer? Does your home seem more humid than it should be? Have you had multiple air conditioner repairs and still not solved these problems?

If you answered yes to these, you may need a new AC.

4. You’re tired of paying high-energy bills

Older air conditioners are less efficient than newer ones. And they get even less efficient over time.  You can check your utility bills from the last couple of summers to see how bad it has really become. ( can sync with your utility company to show you this information and how much you’re paying compared to people in your area.)

If you’ve had enough of high cooling bills, it might be time to consider getting a new air conditioner.

If you need help finding the perfect central air conditioner, you can contact us at Leonards Air.  We can help you understand what problems you might be having and what the best fix for them is. After a thorough investigation, we can determine if you need a new AC.

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